Those were Krystel’s final words of encouragement
to a young child in need as she handed him a laptop
and taught him how to access online classes.
It was on the 4th of August, 2020, a few hours before
the Beirut blast took her life and those of hundreds
of others.

For her story to inspire generations to come, her legacy
to live on, and her smile to continue brightening our lives,
we have created the Krystel El Adm Foundation (KEAF).
OUR STORY “You can do it, you will be
a Director some day.”
“No, I am not dying; I am entering into Life”. Ste Therese of Lisieux

About Krystel

“ With her great passion for painting, culture, arts, and sports, Krystel shone bright, a dazzling star of the Lebanese youth. She was driven by peace, freedom, and a deep love of life, far from any and all obscurantism that preaches death by martyrdom.

She was the spoonful of honey that sweetened the cup of bitterness that us Lebanese must drink every single day, this cup we gulp down while those in power watch. They stand and watch as if they are not responsible for ending the lives of 209 innocent people and wounding thousands of young Lebanese men, women and children, our ultimate hope in securing a future for this country of ours.

This crime shall not go unpunished. In order to make sure of this and to prevent other ones from occurring, the Krystel El Adm foundation will perpetuate her memory.”

Dr. Nazih El Adm
Father of Krystel and President of The KEA Foundation

Our Vision
Giving children the opportunity to discover and unleash their full potential, teaching them how to unlock a better and a brighter future.
Our Mission
Our Mission
We believe that every child has the right to LEARN, DREAM and ACHIEVE their full potential. At KEAF we are working to improve access to education by providing low-income communities with the needed tools, support, and capabilities (LEARN program). Our scope of work includes offering stimulating enrichment programs to help children develop their leadership, as well as their cognitive and socio-emotional skills (DREAM & GROW programs). We also collaborate with local NGOS to ensure the basic needs of food, health, and shelter to our families. (FULFILL program)

Our Goals & Approach



GIVE CHILDREN THE TOOLS AND MEANS TO LEARN (Tuition, books, e-learning kit).


DEVELOP NEW SKILLS: Organise enrichment programs (storytelling, summer camps, STEM activities) to help children develop their leadership, confidence and life skills.


ENCOURAGE NEW AMBITIONS: Provide children with a space to explore, create and be inspired (the KEAF center).


ENSURE THE BASIC NEEDS THROUGHOUT THE JOURNEY: A child cannot study on an empty stomach. Due to the unprecedented and dramatic financial crisis that Lebanon is facing, the Foundation will partner with other NGOs to support struggling families with their basic needs (food, health, and shelter).